Tuesday, June 12, 2007


I've decided to go ahead and use a blog, mostly to post pictures, but also to tell you a little about what I am doing here in Nicaragua. I guess it would have been smart to start this off in Mexico, but better late than never. Here I am volunteering with an organization called La Esperanza Granada, working with 2nd graders in a school outside of Granada Nicaragua. Things are going pretty well but its been a been crazy these past few weeks with parties for International Children's Day and exams this week. It's pretty eye-opening to see what kind of education these kids are getting and the huge differences in levels going on in the classroom. Today and yesterday have been pretty weird days because the students have exams in the morning, so we haven't been able to work with them much. We did give an art class today, so that was nice.

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ourman said...

Hi, just wanted to say good luck from a fellow Granada volunteer and blogger.